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Come and Find Me in the Hallway

come and find me in the hallway beyond the breathless corner where darkness pulses ripples of permission and desire come and find me in the hallway do not dive into my eyes but lock your bigger hand onto my wrist making this no frantic random clutching but a sure thing decided single-minded come and [...]

The Falling of Age Into Grace

For this is the passing of night into day the falling of age into grace the lines of the face melting like clay And this is the roll of life and its course through time and the ebb and flow of desire and human striving that is like horses galloping in a troika of [...]

I Hold

Do you know what I hold in my hand? Not your life Not your hope Not grains of sand that are indicative of the fact that you stand upon the beach, a man expecting to radiate into the universe spinning dreams and plans and impacts that will weave new galaxies across the heavens Do you [...]

Last Age – Earth Day, 2014

Tell me you saw it coming with the clouds that trapped the sun did the glacier leak did the ice cap weep when the last big bear was gone was it a groundswell an earthquake that fouled the final lake or was it just the tricked-up feet of the last age on the run [...]


Wheat like rods of gold in the fields of your youth once glowed stood tall waved in the breeze and hid your wonder like kernels needing water and sunshine and the unmitigated madness of summer to burst them like popcorn to herald a new day with expectation and pleasure and the belief that today [...]

Done This Before

Not like we haven’t done this before opened the door followed him through sat like ten Buddhas with nothing to do not like we haven’t done this again lightened the load shouted out ‘when’ to marine guys and soldiers and colourful men with Waddington’s Remingtons going for ten not like we haven’t seen this [...]

This Love of Ours

Line your heart with celebration sell your soul for free drum desire throughout your bones until they boom like megaphones that you’re in love with me Drift your net in contemplation run without your shoes smell roses in the wintertime eat a grape from tomorrow’s wine and know I love you too and you [...]

Bleeding Heart Wishing

If you could love as I do If a song bird could settle your soul like twilight If you wept for the tug of a rosebud mouth or trekked tough trails in awkward shoes, hung another's pictures in your head or kept warm in this oddly fashioned coat If you watched with me while the [...]

The Hit I Take

Oh lover find another take cover move along go back to the rules again I’ll be your fool again write you a song If you’ve got tension I’d like to mention you’ll never find a shot to inoculate you against whatever it is I’ve got I try to live close to the gift I give [...]

An Ordinary Man

He was a man of wisdom and grace a man with a pint full of panic He was a man who tried to change place but never managed to stand up His was a toolbox of softness and love His was a saddle of sighs He rode to the west on a dream-box of [...]