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Donald Trump (and his kind)

He takes his shadows with him as he moves through the light He wanders in the grain fed pastures as if the world was his to tear He sits judgement on those who do not see his points of view and rotates smiles with hidden agendas that blink messages of false hope and true [...]

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A Tag. A String. A Broken Thing.

I felt the loneliness this time like I didn’t feel it before like it was my new best friend like it had the key to my door I haven’t felt this overlooked since I was seventeen and I pressed the phone to my lips and willed him to call me a footnote a thread an [...]

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Snake wraps round twin towers winding its way up (this a stealthy helix) while wrong flies in on wings of righteousness praying for death Wife carries a terrible tiny bundle— toothbrush and comb from bathroom cabinet— and joins a line that snakes along a street-valley in Lower Manhattan, (this a helix of despair) while spiraling [...]

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