An Ordinary Man

He was a man of wisdom and grace a man with a pint full of panic He was a man who tried to change place but never managed to stand up His was a toolbox of softness and love His was a saddle of sighs He rode to the west on a dream-box of [...]

Singing Like Witches

Do you hear the crows at the top of those trees they’re watching the rooftops grow over the seeds they’re counting the lines that cut up the hill they see the commotion they wish it were still they’re calling out warnings they’re singing like witches they say we’ve sold out our planet for riches I’m [...]

Requiem for a Dream

Shabby, she prayed her hands in mock pursuit of something dreamed Alone, she coughed to clear her throat of the taste of failure Crying, she upheld her arms and gestured at the high god to do something for which nothing could be done Helpless, she fled the dark tunnel of her dreams, abandoned, without a [...]

Mr. Killjoy

I'm not worth the effort I'm not worth the fare I'm only doing doughnuts I'm strictly wear and tear I haven't purchased anything that costs too much at all I rarely dance or dream or plan or settle in a chair I've gotten over plenty I guess I'm on the run I rarely watch [...]

Miller’s Wheat and Wheel and Wisdom

The reason I am striding with the integrity of internal knowingness is because I am rebuilding the doldrums of my existence out of piece-meal artefacts and the general inconsistencies of living without understanding anything at all about God The reason I am growing at a break neck pace is because I am racing towards [...]

This Roll Upon the Roof

What do you do with this desolation, this roll upon the roof? Where do we find the jukebox judy who dances billy-hoo? What do we say to the helpless people who keen and wail and regroup? Change the skid? Flip the lid? Put Jesus in the soup? What can you do with this desolation [...]

Marathon of Murders

Un-amalgamated Destruction seeks the lowest common denominator in men, in backpacks, and in the hospitals where the wounded lie. Unbidden, unwatched, unwashed, alone, he seeks intemperate soldiers for another man’s destiny and remorseless ambitions to kill Blinded by unguarded lusts and feelings of omnipotence he dashes across the sky like a babe without arms heading [...]

Life Flashes

It’s hard to see the changes that have happened since we met the way time rearranges the things we had to get Life flashes catches us in the eye life flashes grabs us on the fly life flashes then it passes but we try We steer by separations white lines along the highway where friends [...]

Life But This?

What is my life but this kite snagged inside the mist illusions of endings fast times that don’t connect how do I seem to you some people never do what is my life but this shooting star that everyone missed But tonight, tonight I see a golden moon painting a path for me I [...]

God Is

God is a single braid down my sister’s back fingers threading ribbons a dotted track that leads to things I cannot stack in neat piles of coins and schemes and printed reams about cracks in theories of this and that. Perhaps you’re lost or past the point of no return the game is gone the [...]