Far Gone Beyond

From the far gone beyond and the hot bump beneath from the undaunted long and the growing heap from above and behold and below and by friend he comes regardless of smoke or ken From the smoke in the stair and the hand over there by the sink, by the dam underneath by the span [...]

Dust and Bitter Apples

When a person indulges another person in the secret wishes of his desires he does so knowing full well that heaven and earth are one united compendium of dust and bitter apples When a person fiddles with matters beyond his comprehension he does unwittingly undo the fabric of life and its calculated ambitions towards [...]

Coyote Blue

Train whistle worrying through the wounded night coyote hurrying in the brittle light my fist curling into a fight where do you go coyote blue? Saw your tail sweep the hickory hills salamander swaying on the window sill tainted pills to make me still— where do you play coyote blue? Windswept rubble in the [...]

The Colour Of Love (lost)

He hid the blue of her answer beneath the green of his hope He washed his hands in the sands of her timelessness and picked up purple promises along the path that led from her house to his soul He played in patches of orange marigolds that grew where her kisses fell just missing [...]


Hustlers, hecklers, wisdom-crackers, hero-worshiping sycophanters, lonely poets, pondering fellas, chatter boxes and joke re-tellers. Lady-celebs with silicone augments slinging sex and nonsense comments. Hyperactive urbanistas with tips on lattes from bored baristas. Holy-quoters, pissed-off voters, lefties, greenies and Kickstart totallers, presidents with hidden missions, and office girls Instagraming kittens. Advisors, enthusers, philo-so-phisers, dictator smashers [...]

Narcissus UnCaptured

he wouldn’t run away from her sunny days he wouldn’t rush the thought of drowning he wouldn’t put shutters on her April haze he didn’t like the sound of foundering he’s up to all his tricks in his usual way he’s twisting in the wind he’s rounding the corner coming up in his Chevrolet [...]

A Tag. A String. A Broken Thing.

I felt the loneliness this time like I didn’t feel it before like it was my new best friend like it had the key to my door I haven’t felt this overlooked since I was seventeen and I pressed the phone to my lips and willed him to call me a footnote a thread [...]


Snake wraps round twin towers winding its way up (this a stealthy helix) while wrong flies in on wings of righteousness praying for death Wife carries a terrible tiny bundle— toothbrush and comb from bathroom cabinet— and joins a line that snakes along a street-valley in Lower Manhattan, (this a helix of despair) while spiraling [...]

A Thousand Thousand Separations

Time is a heartless hammer It builds a ladder from my longings with rungs I cannot reach The years drift like calendar pages while footsteps of toddlers spin the world How many cats have purred on how many porches? How many men have painted us and them in blood-red words on lines of bones? [...]