Dust and Bitter Apples

When a person indulges another person
in the secret wishes of his desires
he does so knowing full well that heaven and earth
are one united compendium
of dust and bitter apples

When a person fiddles with matters
beyond his comprehension
he does unwittingly undo the
fabric of life and its calculated
ambitions towards redemption
and verisimilitude

Even though this person
may or may not know it
his actions speak louder than words
and rub the posterior flavouring of manmade recollections
as if they were nothing short of scientific ponderings
about the wholeness of Man’s existence,
and the potential for unmitigated wealth,
and bothersome calculations
regarding omnipresent whirlwinds of dogma,
freedom of presses,
and unsubstantiated realms of garbage, gobbedly-gook
and the ferocious undertakings of rotted minds and tepid souls