Boston Marathon Murders:
The Ferocious Undertakings of Rotted Minds
and Tepid Souls

Un-amalgamated Destruction seeks
the lowest common denominator
in men, in backpacks,
and in the hospitals where the wounded lie.
Unbidden, unwatched, unwashed, alone,
he seeks intemperate soldiers for another man’s destiny
and remorseless ambitions to kill

Blinded by unguarded lusts and
feelings of omnipotence
he dashes across the sky
like a babe without arms
heading for disasters and catastrophes
as if such things were handed to him
on silver platters

He does not know the scope
of his betrayals
nor the malice and stupidity of his
unconditional pursuit of
egotistical forays into slaughter
and the sophisticated undoings
of other people’s lives

April 16, 2013