Miller’s Wheat and Wheel and Wisdom

The reason I am striding
with the integrity of internal knowingness
is because I am rebuilding the doldrums of my existence
out of piece-meal artefacts
and the general inconsistencies
of living without understanding
anything at all about

The reason I am growing
at a break neck pace
is because I am racing towards
fundamental truths about pre-existence and
the miracle of life and its profound absurdities, that,
though apparently unparalleled and weird
are in fact

The reason I am stalling
and drifting and dawdling
is because I enjoy the random apparent bolts
of truth that occasionally grace my day and night
and discovering that the run-of-the-mill is exactly as it should be
and that you and I and all of us are fashioned, it seems,
from miller’s wheat and wheel and wisdom
and all that passes for love