Mr. Killjoy

I’m not worth the effort
I’m not worth the fare
I’m only doing doughnuts
I’m strictly wear and tear
I haven’t purchased anything
that costs too much at all
I rarely dance or dream or plan
or settle in a chair
I’ve gotten over plenty
I guess I’m on the run
I rarely watch the sunrise
or have a little fun
I’m suited up for action
though I hardly ever say
when I’m going
or how I’m doing
or where I’m going to stay
I’m friends with all the enemies
I’m aghast at all the jokes
I tittle and I tattle
and I roast the holy ghost
But do not say I’m hungry
or play me to the post
I’m pleased as punch
with nothing much
and never choose the most
extreme expression of earth and heaven
the wildest surge of mirth
I’m upside down
a scowling clown
and all that has no worth
I’m bland and bored and
tired and torn
I’m skipping the dessert