Hustlers, hecklers, wisdom-crackers,
hero-worshiping sycophanters,
lonely poets, pondering fellas,
chatter boxes and joke re-tellers.
Lady-celebs with silicone augments
slinging sex and nonsense comments.
Hyperactive urbanistas
with tips on lattes
from bored baristas.
Holy-quoters, pissed-off voters,
lefties, greenies and Kickstart totallers,
presidents with hidden missions,
and office girls Instagraming kittens.
Advisors, enthusers, philo-so-phisers,
dictator smashers and hashtag dashers.
Celebrities who follow none
and non-entities the hipsters shun.
Quips about the daily sorrows
from twitter geeks that no one follows.
Freedom fighters and witty writers
of pithy quotes for Lit-insiders.
It’s more or less that less is more
Twitter is crack from the dollar store.